What is Jackslash.com?

Jackslash.com is a website that produces sprint car, midget, and other forms of open wheel “On Demand” HD video content.

How often does Jackslash.com upload new content?

Weather and production schedule permitting, we shoot and upload content 7 days a week.

What races do you cover?

Our core content is Indiana Sprint Cars. We also post selected World of Outlaws, All Stars, MOWA, and POWRI midget content.

How do I find past videos on Jackslash.com?

Type in your favorite driver, tracks, ect into the search bar.

Can I share my membership account with friends and family?

Memberships are designed for personal use only. If you share your log in account information, you are at risk of receiving the ì503 Errorî which blocks you from entering the site. If you log in and receive the ì503 Errorî this means you have exceeded your IP limit. You will then have to e-mail us at gojackslash@yahoo.com and get your account reset

How does the billing work?

We currently offer a yearly membership fee of $59.95 and a $12.95 monthly option through the PayPal system.

How long does my account last?

Your account is active for an entire year (to the day). Example: If you sign up July 4, 2014, your account will expire July 4, 2015.

How do I renew my membership?

If you signed up through paypal, you were automatically put on ìauto billing.î So each year on your renewal date, you will be billed for another year. You have the option of taking yourself off the ìauto billingî status by ìdisabling automatic billingî on your paypal account.

You have the option of taking yourself off the “auto billing” status by “disabling automatic billing” on your paypal account.

Will Jackslash.com videos play on my IOS and/or Android device?

Our “On Demand” content plays on iphone, ipad, Macbook, Mac desktop, and Android devices.

I registered and paid through paypal and I was not emailed my username and password?

Make sure and check your SPAM folder as most confirmation emails are sent there.

How can I make money shooting video and working for Jackslash.com?

Send us an e-mail at customerservice@jackslashmediainc.com and tell us about yourself, what kind of equipment you own, and your availability.

I am a manufacturer or business and want to purchase an advertising banner ad on Jackslash.com? How much is it?

E-mail all advertising and marketing questions customerservice@jackslashmediainc.com