Welcome Sprint and Midget fans to the new Jackslash.com!

You are not going to get more value for your dollar than this website.

There are many “paid content” sites that charge you $10 (or more) per night to view their LIVE media. It wouldn’t take very long to spend over a $100 in “LIVE media” fees throughout the course of a year.

Jackslash.com currently houses over 200 race video highlights, interviews, flips and more for only $59.95 a year. And we should note that virtually every race highlight (during the regular season) is uploaded to the site literally hours after the checkered flag has been thrown.

We pride ourselves in bringing you solid sprint and midget media content.

Our focus is Indiana 410 wingless sprint cars. However Indiana is a racing paradise and full of sprints, winged sprints, pavement winged sprints, midgets, tq’s, micro’s, and more! From time to time we will spread our wings and cover other types of racing.

We hope you enjoy your experience here on the new Jackslash.com!

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Sean Buckley (Founder/CEO)
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